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Víctor Sotomayor empieza a escribir desde la secundaria en Lima, Perú. Escribe luego de un buen tiempo después un “blog” tanto en Inglés como en Español donde se dedica a escribir sobre películas, música, televisión y teatro. Toma una clase de escritores en Hollywood donde descubre su pasión por la historia corta y luego se encuentra con Alejandro Molina en Noches de Canto y Poesía en Tía Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore donde descubre su lado poético. Víctor también escribe artículos mensuales en Panorama Hispano para la comunidad hispana de Buffalo, New York. Su anhelo es publicar un libro de historias cortas y poesías y seguir entablando nuevas amistades en la comunidad artística del Valle de San Fernando y Los Angeles. Victor escribe bajo el seudónimo de Italo, el nombre que no le dieron sus padres pero que él adoptó mientras escribía su blog y sus historias cortas.

Italo’s Corner
Esquina de Italo

Panorama Hispano

I can’t quite recall when it started. I think it started back when I was in High School, when I started writing short horror stories for my classmates involving serial killers, witches, vampires and demons. Mind you, I was rebelling against my Catholic High school which was run by nuns so writing became the best outlet to let my imagination run wild and express myself in a way I could never do otherwise. My classmates reached out to me because of my talent, they knew how much I loved to write and encouraged me to bring in more stories each week, each one more horrifying than the next. Eventually, I grew tired of writing horror, there was so much more I wanted to write about besides murder, blood and guts and so I stopped writing short stories.

Flash forward a few years later and I am now in the United States in 1992, learning a new language, facing many challenges and overcoming many obstacles. It’s not easy to start over and expect to write in English as well as I had been writing in Spanish so I started doing short stories.
Although it will possibly never see the light of day, my first short story was written as an assignment in an English class back in Lima titled The Morning of Sue Lara. The main character, Sue Lara, is awaken from a nightmare by a dream wave detector. And there it was: my first chapter in a science fiction, futuristic novel. I never thought of publishing it because I am such a perfectionist that, every time I read it, I see how it can be improved. That’s my biggest problem: I’m my worst critic.
Back in 2007, a coworker told me about this new way of writing called blogging and she told me if I liked to write. She told me to write about movies since she saw how passionate I was about movies and entertainment in general. So I started my first blog: Italo’s Corner and soon realized that writing had always been my passion. It was thrilling to write and hit that publish button and see how other people got inspired by what I wrote. It was my column, my corner, my hideout, my bat cave. I soon realized that I never wanted to stop. I wanted to write about everything: movies, books, theatre, my life in general. Everything became a topic. I think that’s around the time that I wanted a shift in my life, a direction that I didn’t think possible. Since then, I’ve had almost 50,000 hits and people from all over the world, places I have never been to, places I probably never will see are reading my blog. About two years ago, I began writing monthly articles for a newspaper in Buffalo, NY: PanoramaHispano, and I’ve gotten many compliments from people that I would not have heard from otherwise.
Bottom line is that my passion is to write. Regardless of whether or not I get published, it doesn’t matter. I know I can write and I will write from my heart, I now write poetry and it turns out that is very liberating and therapeutic. No more witches, warlocks, vampires, gargoyles filling my pages. But that’s not to say that I never will either…