Noches de Canto y Poesía hace honor a poetas, escritores,pintores,actores músicos  y cantantes de la comunidad organizando un foro para que expresen su talento y arte en español. Esto incluye (pero no limitado) darle vida  a poemas, obras de teatro, boleros, baladas, rock en español, folklórico, latinoamericano, ranchera, trova, canto nuevo, jarocho, huapango y más.

        Si usted solamente quire deleitarse con la cretividad de los artistas y el sabor del arte, tambien es cordialmente invitado; sea parte de la distinguida tribuna celebrando, junto con los poetas y demas, nuestra cultura y la vida. 

                                   Todos están bienvenidos!

Entrada gratis.

*Conducido por Alejandro Molina.

*Artistas invitados son bienvenidos. !Llamenos!*

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural and Bookstore is a dream of community empowerment. Three San Fernando residents–Maria Trinidad Rodriguez, Enrique Sanchez, and Luis J. Rodriguez–came together in November 2000 and created a partnership to make this dream come true. On December 15, 2001 this dream became a reality when we opened our doors to the public.

At Tia Chucha’s we provide great books on Xicano history and literature, young adult fiction, as well as indigenous, contemporary and social commentary issues, Spanish-language, and bilingual children’s books. We believe that every mind is precious and that books and the arts can save lives.

We also provide a space for community Open Mic nights, for musical performances, for theater and performance pieces, for author readings and signings, for documentaries and feature films of social relevance, and great dialogue on the pressing issues of the day.

And to help serve this low home-computer usage area, last fall we opened an Internet Café with access to the Internet, emails and work files.

In June of 2003, we leased the space next door to the Café to establish our not-for-profit wing, Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural. In six-months, we’ve had workshops on Aztec Dance, theater, music, art/sculpture, paper maché, gourd-making, flute-making, film making, comedy, as well as a women’s natural healing circle and a young man’s healing circle.

We aim to create a space where the community can dialogue, share ideas, organize, and get skillful in the various communicative and visual arts. We want a place where families can be stimulated to read books, participate in intellectual activity, and are surrounded by the healing power of art and words–a place where creativity can be brought fully to bear and where we can positively transform the quality of our individual lives as well as the lives of our diverse communities.

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore is a place that is long overdue.

Our mission is as follows:

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore is a cultural space with books, workshops, art exhibits, presentations, readings, family events, performances. We draw on the creative spirit inherent in each person, family and community.

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultura & Bookstore cultivates the practice and discipline associated with writing, art, music, performance, and technology in the large Chicano/Mexicano/Central American communities of greater Los Angeles, in particular the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

Tia Chucha’s invites Los Angeles’ diverse groups and individuals to appreciate and value the art, literature, theater, song, and ideas emanating from our communities; to have an exchange of culture and ideas in an engaging and harmonious setting; and to create a gathering place of elders, mentors, teachers, parents, teens, and children as the foundation for truly genuine, whole and vibrant communities.

Tia Chucha’s will be a positive and visionary force, to enhance what is decent, compassionate and just in our communities while reconnecting to our ancestral roots and teachings in the vortex of great social transitions and technological development.

If you want to contribute to this vision, please join with us.